Aromasporttherapy Limited, the parent company of Pepperfit are pleased to announce the purchase of Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie.     


A pioneer of true aromatherapy Madame Micheline Arcier was an early advocate of holistic well-being - developing exclusive products and signature aromatherapy massage techniques that treated each client as a complex but complete individual. The success of this approach, and her own endless enthusiasm for further evolution, saw her develop a highly-regarded private practice and clinic in Knightsbridge, London. A quarter of a century later, those premises have closed but the reputation for excellence lives on, in the products she developed. 

Today Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie begins an exciting new phase with ownership of the company passing to Germaine Rich and Catherine Milne, two dedicated adherents to the Micheline Arcier philosophy.

Germaine was trained by Madame Arcier and worked in the Knightsbridge Clinic for over eight years in the early 1970’s. Re-joining the company in 2006 Germaine worked closely with Marie-Christine Arcier and subsequently took over the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the company. Catherine has also had a long association with the Micheline Arcier tradition and together these two highly experienced aromatherapists are mindful of the rich heritage entrusted to them.

“Our vision is to ensure that the Micheline Arcier name continues to be synonymous with the highest standards of aromatherapy and service. Above all, we are committed to maintaining and building upon the legacy of the late, and greatly missed Micheline Arcier. A pioneer of true aromatherapy, Madame Arcier defined aromatherapy as a means of sustaining and nurturing the natural healing within us all by treating each individual as an unique being and the body as a whole.”

Pepperfit and Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie will be run as individual divisions of Aromasporttherapy Limited, combining expertise, experience and a strong commitment to providing quality products and services within the health, fitness and well-being sector.


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