All Pepperfit products contain Arnica and essential oils which have been used for their medicinal and healing properties for thousands of years by many civilisations and cultures.  Using our understanding gained from modern scientific knowledge of how sport affects our bodies, Pepperfit products have been carefully chosen and blended to provide you with a sports locker full of nature’s active ingredients.  Pepperfit use natural ingredients in all of our products to support our drug free sports values.  All our ingredients are 100% active (which means that they cause a change in our bodies) and are chosen for the effects they produce.  We undertake to use only the purest essential oils in our preparations, source such ingredients from the most trusted suppliers, hand-blend most of our products ourselves, and guarantee that they have not been tested on animals;  we comply with the EU Cosmetic Testing ban and have a  Fixed Cut-Off Date animal testing policy in place, which means that no ingredients in our products have been tested since the ban came into force on 11 March 2013. We are listed with Naturewatch in their Compassionate shopping guide.

Expect the unexpected.........

Pepperfit  have created a completely new concept in therapeutic body care products and are leading the way in changing the smell of sports and muscle products for the suitability of all.  We use highly effective essential oils that smell great; in addition, we have purposely avoided known toxic essential oils that are traditionally used in sports products for their skin-sensitising effects and pungent aroma (Wintergreen, Camphor, Cinnamon).

Key ingredients are listed in each range description page.  To access these, please use the right hand menu of the website.


Our products meet the latest EU safety regulations, which recommend that they are not suitable for children under 12 years old, and should never be taken internally.  Keep out of direct sunlight and, once opened, always secure the cap properly and ensure that no water or other foreign body enters the container to maintain their superlative quality. Pepperfit products are natural and contain no additives or preservatives,  once opened, they are best used within six months, although many will last longer.


Our naturally therapeutic bodycare products, containing high grade essential oils and arnica, are hand blended for both Professional and Home use. Have a query? Call us on +44(0)20 8144 6306


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