boost Body Lotion 250ml

Fabulous aroma with all the quality of high quality essential oils. Beautiful product which is non greasy and easily absorbed to make the skin feel soft enabling you to quickly be dressed without waiting hours. I use it after Zest Wash in the mornings - Amazing. Mar 21 2013,  Niki



boost instant 15ml

This is so great. It really perks you up and is better than a cup of coffee and better for you. So easy to use, fits in your bag and can keep it in the car for when you need it. I was recommended it by a friend and like it so much that I have recommended it to my friends to perk them up whenever they need a boost and to help with jet lag.  Dec 11 2012,  Claire Baker


boost body & massage Oil 100ml
A great product, as a Sports Therapist, I use Boost Massage and Body Oil on the players before a game or a hard workout. The players especially like it as it motivates them. I would definitely recommend it. Nov 27 2012,  Daniel Foster, Sports Therapist, Hertfordshire
boost body & massage oil 100ml

"I love the blend of essential oils and natural ingredients providing natural benefits! The product is great and in the future I would like to try the balm. Nov 22 2012,  Amanda Barton, Remedial and Sports Massage, Carlisle


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