fitpro network an official publication of FITNESS PROFESSIONALS has selected Pepperfit’s rescue kit to be prizes in their June July edition. 

When Pepperfit contacted fitpro about our product range, they were so impressed with our products that they wanted to let all of their members know about Pepperfit and give them a chance to win one of 5 rescue kits before 27th July, 2011. 

fitpro network write “for those of us familiar with the discomfort of muscular aches and pains derived from excessive training, or the tricky route to recovery from a sporting mishap, there is now a natural solution – the rescue kit from Pepperfit.

rescue is a select blend of naturally active ingredients, including essential oils and arnica, formulated to  provide natural pain relief, aid recovery and restore confidence.  The kit provides a variety of applications to suit the immediate requirement: rescue muscle gel 125ml, rescue body and massage oil100ml and rescue multi balm 30g.  RRP 43.50”

So for all you Fitness Professionals out there that belong to fitpro, log onto before 27th July 2011.  For the rest of us, it’s great to know that the professionals are impressed with pepperfit!  

Ask your personal trainer if they are a pepperfit stockist


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