Pepperfit were thrilled to be chosen for the Natural Health August promotion as the Magazine is renowned for working with quality brands.  Catherine Milne, Director of Pepperfit said “Pepperfit were asked to supply a kit that would be suitable for the summer promotion.  Instants on the move kit was the ideal choice as it contains a 15ml instant application of each of our four therapeutic blends  – perfect to include in your active summer holiday packing! “


Pepperfit understand that the body experiences different stages throughout activity.  Our four therapeutic blends have been carefully chosen to support you in these stages: 

  •  rescue to ease aches and pains and support recovery,
  •  boost to energise body and mind either before or after activity
  • relax to calm body and mind and boost the immune system which is often depleted through activity
  • zest to maintain peak condition and ease minor aches and pains (also great for use in pregnancy)

Our Instants on the move kit is a great way to familiarise yourself with each of our blends - which are available in a variety of different application methods to suit your personal preference (gel, body & massage oils, bath & shower oils, body lotions, wash, multibalms and instants). 


Other kits are available and make great gift ideas!


Our naturally therapeutic bodycare products, containing high grade essential oils and arnica, are hand blended for both Professional and Home use. Have a query? Call us on +44(0)20 8144 6306


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