Pepperfit are thrilled to be working with the APPI health group - a leader of private healthcare and education in the UK, as their Naturally Therapeutic Body Care Product partner.


Catherine Milne, Director of Pepperfit states:


“Pepperfit was created to fulfil the growing need for a quality range of naturally therapeutic body care products for professional treatments and aftercare recommendations.  Pepperfit is 100% active (everything in the bottle does you good); we use the finest Arnica, essential oils and other natural ingredients to support the differing physical and mental requirements of various stages of sport and physical activity.


Supporting the APPI in making their clients better, our products are used in the acute, repair and remodelling stages of an injury, as well as for day to day restorative care - within the clinic and at home.  Enhancing the holistic service offered to APPI clients.”


Our naturally therapeutic bodycare products, containing high grade essential oils and arnica, are hand blended for both Professional and Home use. Have a query? Call us on +44(0)20 8144 6306


We promise to only send you good things.