rescue muscle gel 100ml
Great for Aching Muscles

I use this after training and it is very warming and non stinging and easily absorbed. It certainly does help with aching muscles and is non greasy!  Mar 21 2013, Niki


rescue body & massage oil 100ml 
Using it more and more due to demand!

I am working harder and more in demand pre-matches to massage players. More and more players request and require it to enable them to improve performance and like to use this oil to enable them to get ready for the game. Also, post match the players use it to aid recovery from strains and sprains.  Feb 05 2013  Ian - Copsewood Sports


rescue body & massage oil 200ml 

I used this product recently and thought that the quality was excellent. I loved the smell and really loved everything about it. I look forward to buying some more in the range!  Nov 29 2012, Simon N


rescue body & massage oil 200ml
Rescue Massage and Body Oil Review

A great product, as a Sports Therapist, I use Rescue Massage and Body Oil on the players after a training workout or a game. It certainly reduces the complaints from aches, strains and bruising. I would definitely recommend it. Nov 27 2012, Daniel Foster, Sports Therapist, Hertfordshire


rescue body & massage oil 100ml 

I have been using Pepperfit body and massage oils for several months now. They have proven popular with our players and have contributed to making each treatment session more special, particularly as part of recovery massage sessions. They give valuable sensory input which helps raise player expectation of good treatment outcomes. One example of this has been the use of Relax around the head and neck in conjunction with hot stone therapy, an effective combination for reducing muscle spasm following a whiplash type injury. I would happily recommend Pepperfit products to other therapists.  Nov 22 2012,  Dan Buchanan - Soft Tissue Therapist, Reading Football Club


rescue body & massage oil

I love the blend of essential oils and natural ingredients providing natural benefits! The product is great and in the future I would like to try the balm. Nov 22 2012,  Amanda Barton, Remedial and Sports Massage, Carlisle


Rescue Massage and Body Oil Review

"A Great Product. Since using this range in the last year my clients have been improving quicker. I would strongly recommend it"  Nov 22 2012,  Amanda Morris


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